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Jesus (Duncan McLean) meets secretly with Nicodemus (David Blair) (2008)

We meet Judas (Michael van Drempt, standing) (2008)

The audience participate in the Triumphal Entry (2007)

Jesus is anointed by Mary of Bethany (Kristy Johnson) (2008)


The Last Supper - Jon Fowler, Cameron Giacometti, Stephen Dredge, Duncan McLean, Matt Johnson (2007)

James (Jon Fowler), John (Colin Pebble) and Jesus. (2008)

In the garden . . . (2008)

 . . .  asleep

Southern Cross rises above the scene

The trial before Caiaphas

Jesus is taken away . . . . (2008)

Pilate (Mal Day) and Caiaphas (David Rush) argue the finer points. (2007)

Pilate finally signs the death warrant (2007)

The Crucifixion (2008)

"The tomb is empty" - Angel (Bec Koroknay) (2007)


The disciples go fishing (2007)

Ascension (2007)

Judas tries to explain himself (2007)


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