The Turramurra Passion is an interactive and slightly modern interpretation of the Passion Play tradition. It tells the story of Easter - the last weeks of the earthly life of Jesus of Nazareth.
Featuring a local cast, the play uses the variety provided by the architectural forms of the building: from the eerie seclusion of the upper room, to the arrest in the garden, and the angry shouts of the crowds bouncing off the colonnade pillars. The audience moves around the building and grounds, from scene to scene, guided by the cast and a narrator.
The story may be well known, but The Turramurra Passion brings it to life in a new way. The Turramurra Passion is written and directed by Dave Cornford.
After fourteen seasons, 90 performances and about 7,000 tickets sold, The Turramurra Passion is in hiatus for 2013.
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The Turramurra Passion

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