The Experience

What's it like going to The Turramurra Passion?

  • The Play is set in 6 different locations - 5 indoor and one outdoor.  There is not far to travel, but comfortable clothes and something warm for outdoors are recommended.

  • A guide narrates the story, and with the cast help the audience move around between the scenes.

  • Seating is available at each scene, but some of the audience prefer to be closer to the action, standing or sitting on steps or the floor, or whatever they can find.

  • The action takes place among the audience, rather than in front of it - the person sitting next to you might even be a cast  member.  At times the action is very close, but you won't be forced into doing anything  - embarrassing or otherwise.

  • The play runs for about 80 minutes, without interval.

  • The play is not set firmly in time - the cast do not wear first century costume, for example.  This leaves the story itself free to communicate to us, and to bridge the gap into our own time.

  • After each performance, the cast join the audience for refreshments and the chance to talk about the play and their roles.

  • Tickets are free.  However, we highly recommence that you book tickets, as there is a practical maximum audience for each performance. Obviously, we would prefer not to have to turn people away from a performance.  For booking information, click here.

The Turramurra Passion and Children

The play is largely based on the record of these events contained in Bible, in the Gospel of Luke.  It depicts the week leading up to and including the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth, and the events immediately afterwards.  

It does this in a conceptual and artistic, rather than realistic, way.  There is little or no violence in the play, however, the concept of Jesus dying is clearly portrayed, as is his resurrection.  The play does not have the characteristics of a film that would be rated G, but also not those of a film rated M or MA.

Parents should consider how their child would respond, and to some extent this may depend on how familiar the child already is with the subject matter.  We can only leave that in your hands, but by way of guidance, our experience is that children aged 8 and above are able to enjoy and understand the play.