Cast Information

Duncan McLean




Jesus the Nazarene




2011 will be Duncan's 11th Passion Play, but his fourth in the lead role -  after his six seasons  in the role of Peter.   At 24 years of age Duncan has completed his HSC with Drama being his strongest subject (his group performance was nominated for the HSC Drama Showcase: OnStage) and has completed Visual Production at Macquarie University.  He has completed short courses at NIDA in both acting and play building, and has been heavily involved in recent years as a writer, director  and producer of Turramurra Uniting Church's children's Christmas play.
Lucille Taylor






Has read the guide part since 1999, apart from 2004.   Lucille has always been interested in drama, studying at the Independent Theatre.  With her husband Wes, she was one of the founding members of the Eastwood Methodist Musical Society (now ECCMS).  Has appeared in some film, numerous FADS dramatic melodramas,  and other amateur productions.  Lucille and Wes have 3 married children and 5 grandchildren.
Matt Johnson






After five years as the disciple Andrew, Matt is taking on the role of Peter for the fourth year. Enjoying all things creative, he spends his days as a Junior Graphic Designer for a small design studio in the city.
The Turramurra Passion Play is a definite... um... passion of his and he'll definitely keep coming back for more!
James Morgan  Andrew Returns for his fourth year with the Passion in 2011.
Michael van Drempt   John Joined the cast in 2002, and moved to play John  in 2003, and then moved to play Judas for 2006, adn is this year back as John
Micah Thompson Judas Makes his debut in the play in 2011
Geoff Leslie James Returns for his second year with the Passion in 2011.
Greg McConnell Pilate Greg returns to the play for the third year
Mal Day










No one ever told him The Turramurra Passion was a ten year gig! After five years playing the lead role of Jesus, and five years as Pilate, Mal takes on Caiaphas, for the third  year.   Mal has always loved acting, starting in school, and brief works with Sydney Gilbert and Sullivan and Film.   Mal loves bringing plays – and particularly The Passion – to life, taking the words from off the page and seeing them take flight.
Mal starred in Flashback in 1996.  Mal has made a significant contribution in the development of the script, and in the stage design.
Mal is married to Melissa and has four  young children. He keeps them all fed by working out his days with a little cleaning company
David Blair Nicodemus, Follower David returned to the cast in 2007 after a lengthy absence, having played Caiaphas in the first 2 years of the production.
Kristy Morgan



Mary of Bethany



 This is her fourth year playing Mary of Bethany. Kristy is a down to earth person who dislikes people who talk about themselves in the third person, so she'll stop. I have enjoyed being involved in the play this year even more than usual (which is a lot), so I really recommend you come and see it, even if you saw it last year!
Rick Johnson  Rich Young Man, Water Carrier, Security Thug #1 Makes his debut in the play in 2011
Tessa Crane


Kate, Widow, Ex-lepper, Mary Magdalene, Cleopas Tessa makes her debut in the play this year
Bec Leslie Bartemeus, Angel, Toni, Salome Bec takes on additional roles for her second year in the play
Trevor Warren  Zaccheus, Rich Man, Angel Returns to the cast after a 1 year absence. 
 James Stewart, Jon Fowler, Simon Tanner Son, Thug #2 Job sharing in this role this year
Dave Cornford 










Dave wrote the Turramurra Passion in 1999, and has directed each year.  He was part of the writing team for Flashback (1996). 
Dave is a keen musician, writer, renovator, reader, videographer, net surfer and cook.   Has post graduate qualifications in actuarial science and theology, and has undertaken the Directing Intensive at NIDA.
He is married with three children,  works part time as a marketing strategist in the financial services industry, and is working on writing a children's book with his sister, an artist/illustrator, as well as a feature film screen play